Experiencing a LEAK or a FLOOD? 

WE can HELP! 

When you have a flood, you want to try to stop whatever is causing the flood. Is it a water leak?  Turn off your main water line.  Is the toilet backing up?  Turn off the water to that toilet.  Is your hot water leaking? Turn off the water to your water to your hot water heater.  If the sump pump is over loaded or not working properly start removing the water from the pump basin by pumping it our with a dry/wet vac or the old fashion way and start scooping out the water and dumping out the water into a drain or outside.  

But if the leak, drain back up or rain cause a flood, let us help. 

         Flood Mitigation Services

  • Water Extraction
  • Clean Up of Sewer Back Ups
  • Removal of all Wet Carpet and Padding
  • Removal of Drywall
  • Use of Commercial Drying Equipment
  • Use of Commercial Dehumidifiers
  • Provide Monitoring
  • Insurance Claims

  Flood Restoration Services