​          Plumbing Services

Along with our drain cleaning services, we also offer a variety of other plumbing services.


If you have a leak in your ceiling or walls, we'll investigate where the leak is originating and get it fixed for you in no time. Is your faucet is leaking? Is that toilet running, and running up your water bill is increasing? Let us help.


Is your bath faucet running cold when you need to bathe or shower to relax? Hot water heaters have a peak performance period. If yours is passed its prime, replacing it can save you a lot of headache in the long run. Older water heaters leak and can cause damage before the leak is detected. Let us take a look.


Most of us think our sump pumps simply work, but most sump pumps aren't activated until there is enough water in the pump basin to signal it to switch on. Checking your sump pump once in a while ensures it is fully operational.  To check if your sump pump is working, dump some water into the basin that houses the sump pump until the ball of the pump is activated and pumps out the excess water.  While it is pumping, also check that the pipe exiting the basin out into daylight is not obstructed from the outside.  Sometimes tree leaves, dirt and debris get caught in the pipe and can cause it to clog. If the sump pump is not pumping water properly, it may need to be replaced.  Replacing the sump pump can help ensure that your home is protected in heavy rains and inclement weather. Keep your sump pump running in a power outage: Consider installing a battery back-up. The pump will operate during a blackout to prevent a flood or using a bucket to empty out your sump pump basin. Some homeowners also have a second pump installed to adequately accommodate the size of the house or remove excess water twice as fast. Let us give you an estimate.

             Drain Cleaning

At some point, your drains will clog. Don't let it scare you. We can unclog your kitchen sink when your holiday guests jam too many potato peels down the garbage disposal. We can "snake" that bathtub to remove hair, soap build-up and other debris. Has your toddler lost a favorite toy? Check your toilet: From the mounds of tissue your kids use to everyday toys, we've unblocked it. And when all the drains in the house have been working overtime, we can use our high-pressure hydro-jetter to push your home's drain lines free and clear of debris, so you can get back to your normal hustle and bustle.

High-Pressure Water Jetting
Jetting is a cleaning method that pushes water through your pipes at high pressure to break up debris, clean, maintain and protect the main sewer line for your home or business property.

Sump Pump Installation

Hydro jetting, Drain Cleaning

​        Sewer Camera Services

We can use a sewer camera to see what's clogging your pipe or detect a more serious issue, such as root intrusion or an offset pipe before attempting to clear the drain pipe. Did you know some insurance companies will pay for sewer camera inspections or other repairs? Check your policy. Main Line SpecialWith EVERY sewer line we snake, we'll use our SEWER CAMERA AT NO EXTRA CHARGE to determine the cause of the blockage and provide safe, economical options to prevent another back-up.

Hydro Jetting

Grease Build up in Kitchen sink line

"When your drains don't work we do!"

sump pumps

Broken Pipe From Roots!

Hydro Jetting

Roots pulled from main sewer line clog

Lots of Roots!

Broken Sewer line due to roots in sewer line

Grease Build Up